About us

Have you been seated? Here is a fresh bout of the CrocLog Podcast, although right, you most likely believed it had been lifeless! Officially it is Occurrence 17, though we-don’t make reference to it by quantity (times appear to create more sense).

To begin with, I am sorry concerning the horrible sound-quality with this one. Brandon and I have fresh notebooks for some cause whatsoever secret we used for sound-quality hasbeen dropped, as well as because we did the final one, also it seems… Itis undoubtedly a great deal method from perfect, although it is listenable. We are considering another method of utilizing top quality recorders which we may then sync up documenting the podcast later on and modify together. We possibly may also require microphones / headphones that are fresh.

We are likely to try to get these out a bit more frequently (2 yrs is far too long between attacks) by maintaining them smaller. Perhaps it’s going to work-this time, although I believe that is what we said time. Within this occurrence we shortly catch-up on some current tasks, discuss the brand new (forthcoming) CrocBITE changes, many crocodile attacks, examine the restored suggestion for culling crocodiles in Queensland, examine the impact of environment destruction on crocodile attacks, and discuss fundraising activities happening in Darwin (of locations) later within the year.